Music is a form of air where we can breathe via tiny ears, enters into the heart, and all other parts that make us move our feet and body. A painter explores his arts on the canvas whereas a musician let out his rhythm in silence.  Music is also a language where we can express our feelings and thoughts through air medium as it was below and before the speech and it is above and beyond all words. Many of us get mesmerized with its beats and instrumental sounds in a happy mood and often get melted by heart with its lyrics and sayings. It is a part and parcel of everyone’s life since it deals with our life happenings. There are many varieties of music that even melts our frozen heart with its sounds of musical instruments and style. 

Music- a form of air to breathe

As we said, music is of many types that include hip-hop, rap, rock, pop, classical, western, and lot more. Wherever we go, music follows us in any form of sound. Even a person who can hear can also fell the music and goes in the direction of tune by composing with his own sound of imagination. Likewise, many musical band groups comprise of youngsters who were listening as the audience had started performing lively over theHotel Ordering System on stage. For most youngsters listening to music is not just a hobby rather it becomes a passion to become a great musician.
DJ Rap band is a trending musical group all over the world as it composes Hip-hop and Rap music by knowing the hearts and desires of the audience. We mostly focus on the current trending situation faced by the people and write rhyming lyrics according to it and focus on a fast beat to catch the ears and hearts of the listeners which makes them repeat the song often and fell the happiness. In a Psychological aspect, many researchers have undergone a study on the culture of every individual especially when it comes to a musician by profession; he or she looks with a different culture or style apart from their own country habits.  Most guitarists have a long hair especially hip-hop and rap music group often used to say the word” Yo-Yo” with finger actions and wear a cap in reverse in most cases. It is to denote or to separate other forms of musicians.

A classy rap band group

We have explored many album songs, and among them, some songs were used in movies to hit the screen and have gained many fan followers. With the help of social media, many fan followers started to view our album along with millions of subscribers and views. Most African Americans usually become a musician like hip-hop or rap singer by profession than as a hobby. Generally, we focus on rhythmic lyrics followed by western drum beats and they sing aloud continuously even without break in between, that brings out their passion towards music. Hence this lays the reason for millions of fan followers in front of the stage who waits eagerly to hear the live concert. 
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Despite the high output made by hip-hop, rap continues to vie completely by youngsters and its reach is bounded as a result of it depends virtually on websites and digital media in a country wherever but 30% of the population has web access. Besides, like jazz music hip-hop has not gained acceptance on TV, radio and therefore the media generally in a very conservative society. This can be significant as a result of the cultural characteristics of hip-hop, together with the covering and dance vogue, graffiti and sometimes obscene language, clash with Sudanese customs and traditions. Similarly, rap has been connected with the Nega gangs that have emerged in recent years to terrorize the residents of the national capital, creating hip-hop nearer to gang songs. 

Focuses on rhythmic lyrics

Now, in recent days even women had started to join in a music group as their profession by following the same music culture and as like other participants. Since we both men and women are equal, they also had raised their hands by participating in all the social media events through their songs and create an impact on them to the listeners. We mainly focus on social ethics like a relationship, politics, love failure, and lot more and write lyrics which act as a healing medicine, or stress-free, a burning fire, a medicinal therapy, a willpower, etc. this is what we expect from the audience while listening to our songs. 
This hip-hop and rap music well suits to African Americans than any other part of countries. Moreover, Media plays a vital role in hitting the songs to the viewers by any means like DVD, social media, and lot more ways. Most youngsters love to hear our songs as we mainly focus on the rhyming catchy lyrics and background music. Now, most movie directors love to have at least one rap or hip-hop songs to hit the screens and gain a positive response from the audience. We mainly focus on our lyrics since words create a strong impact than actions. A real and good music brings frozen men’s heart to melt and charming women’s eyes to water flow after hearing the wordings and background music. This is how we create an impact and expect a satisfaction applause from the audience as the beats make them rock the floors with few steps and feel little by heart.